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Waltz in bugland

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I have been working on other people’s bugs for the last couple of weeks and it has been a terribly painful experience. This has been a great experience which has taught me a lot of corrective measures for the roadmap ahead for me. Some basic observations are

Thats all to be honest, there will be always more to say. I have always believed that the mistakes are on both the sides when things fail (some more than others although), but these are things which are observed over a variation of organisation and individuals.


  • Not sure about the last point, as I haven’t seen this happen but I totally agree with the remaining ones. Also, could you elucidate more on the “Focus on the meat” point?

  • I hear you boi! I have to do with loads of tight deadlines, which not always results in code to be very proud of… But ey, the boss only cares if it works. And I always hope to have a bit more time one day to re-write it a bit… Until now, that never happened 😉

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