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Installing huginn on ubuntu 20.04

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The default guide for Huginn installation works pretty well. The only part where you do get stuck is So what really happens is that the console looks like it stuck, which is quite frustrating. Lets say you force quit this (Crtl^C). Try running it again and you will get an error like. So a bit […]

Compiling B2G on ubuntu 64bit

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Been working on compiling B2G aka Firefox OS on ubuntu 64bit ! There have been some hiccups along the way, but a full post coming up on that soon

Microsoft remote terminal from linux

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I know it would be simple for a lot of people reading this blog :). But the easiest way to remote desktop into a windows machine using a X based linux distro is to install rdesktop. For ubuntu and debian based distro, fire up the console and type sudo apt-get install rdesktop This would […]