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Nominations for Pune, are Open!

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Amidst much excitement that is bubbling up at the camp, we are happy to announce that the nominations for the upcoming edition are now open! The nominations will stay open till June 15th, and that is just a short stint away. Do race to it, and if you are a startup in the Indian […]

Awesome, jan 2009

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Proto has been taking place for sometime, but Jan 2009 is my first attendance and it was worth the trip to Bangalore. I went in with some expectations and yes, they were fulfilled. The highlights of the event is given below. Awesome talks – There was one talk by Bob Young(founder of redhat) which […]

Looking forward to proto

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I am looking forward to attending proto @ blore, there are a lot of reasons to do so. Great set of people, will get to meet the very best entrepreneurs in India. In addition, to understanding the challenges people are trying to solve. Shotgun Startup – amazing concept and i really want to be a […]

Be a Shotgun Startup, at January Edition

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How many times have you had a cool idea that never saw the light? Or that amazing conversation you had with your best friends which resulted to nothing? It can be that amazing facebook application to solve all the problems of your single friends, or that Iphone game that will rock the world, or an […]

Web startup strategy in times of recession

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I think that a lot of people think that its easy to start a web startup and get funding, well part of that is true. Yes, the barrier to start something on the web is extremely low, but lately with the recession getting money for the same is way more difficult than before. So if […] January’09, Bangalore

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After its resounding successes in its past four editions, is back on 23 & 24 january at bangalore to further strengthen its position as India‚Äôs premier start-up event. has built a reputation of being the one event the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem looks forward to, across the length and breadth of India. Having witnessed […]