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Technically randy

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Must ask ! Are you “technically randy” ? I definitely am :), i just figured out that i must come out in the open for a change [as if the blog name is not a good indicator]. I love technology and apply it anywhere and everywhere there is an opportunity. Though this obviously has its pitfalls, […]

Social media primer for politicians

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It has been something that has been going on in my head for a significant amount of time and I believe that it is the right time for politicians and famous individuals to take their online reputation management as seriously as the offline one. Here, i will outline a very basic strategy that i believe […]

Social Media Internships @ Electrosocial

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It gives me immensure pleasure to announce that Electrosocial is starting a six week internship program from the end of this month. The program is aimed at sharing the fundamentals of Social Media and imparting working knowledge with various tools and services of relevance. The internship would be completely online so that anyone from any […]

Django : using a seperate memcached cloud for sessions

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When you are using a platform like django you realise how slow sessions can get when you are using the database as a backend. The problem of using a memory cache like memcached is the fact that when you restart the server to refresh the cache or remove stale objects, the problem is that you […]