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Clear and present danger

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This title is reminiscent of the Harrison Ford movie, but is very applicable to how my country (India) goes about its foreign policy. As a rather naive spectator to the global policy game, here are some conclusions that I have based my current statement on. Being rather country-locked, and especially nations that are in a […]

Social media primer for politicians

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It has been something that has been going on in my head for a significant amount of time and I believe that it is the right time for politicians and famous individuals to take their online reputation management as seriously as the offline one. Here, i will outline a very basic strategy that i believe […]

Green peace action : future actions

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Green peace taking on the various challenges we face in our country. — 1. Friday, July 17, 2009, 10 am onwards, RBI Why To highlight the fact that irregular monsoons which can make life hell for mankind, acute water, power and agrarian crisis are few of many impacts that climate change can have. What The […]

Teja drops real bombs (finally)

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Tejas crosses a milestone Ravi Sharma BANGALORE: In a milestone, a Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas took off from here and for the first time dropped live stores (bombs) at a firing range. The dropping of two 25-pounder bombs, with one striking the target and the other falling within the inner 25 yard circle, was […]

Awesome, jan 2009

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Proto has been taking place for sometime, but Jan 2009 is my first attendance and it was worth the trip to Bangalore. I went in with some expectations and yes, they were fulfilled. The highlights of the event is given below. Awesome talks – There was one talk by Bob Young(founder of redhat) which […] January’09, Bangalore

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After its resounding successes in its past four editions, is back on 23 & 24 january at bangalore to further strengthen its position as India‚Äôs premier start-up event. has built a reputation of being the one event the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem looks forward to, across the length and breadth of India. Having witnessed […]

government aka sarkar

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Well, my name is Dipankar Sarkar. And Sarkar is hindi for goverment … so one my friends (specifically Varun Gulshan) would keep calling me that which to be honest is a fantastic nickname ;). Jokes apart, I guess i am a bit frustrated with how things work around me. As an individual who says “chop, […]