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Delhi airport : good infrastructure, bad people

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On the 15th, I landed at the new IGI terminal from Hyderabad at about 12.10. Hyderabad was a good experience, but most importantly i realized the most striking things about Delhi as soon as I landed. The Delhi IGI airport is truly international now (at least by the looks of it), swank restaurants, shops and […]

Hyderabad : heat relief – #hyderabad

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Today, i reached Hyderabad on a one day stay (well, i am out by tomorrow evening). The weather here is so f**king awesome that it had to be documented. For the last one week, I have been trying to locate cities where I can live without getting a heat stroke. Reaching Hyderabad today really made […]

Mosambe for starters

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Mosambe is a one-stop shop to find the right jobs and the right talent. It is a platform for you to network with your colleagues, gain greater visibility and find new opportunities. For companies- setting up a branded account, posting a job and finding the right talent is simple, easy, effective and hassle free. Mosambe( […]