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Node.js on FreeBSD

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$ sudo portmaster devel/pkg-config devel/libexecinfo devel/cmake devel/scons lang/python27  $ git clone  $ cd node/deps/v8  $ git checkout v0.4.6  $ scons os=freebsd arch=x64 (takes a while to compile v8)  $ sudo cp libv8* /usr/local/lib  $ cd ~/node $ ./configure \ –prefix=/usr/local \ –shared-v8 \ –shared-v8-includes=/home/mikl/node/deps/v8/include \ –shared-v8-libpath=/usr/local/lib \ –shared-v8-libname=v8  $ gmake  $ sudo gmake install […]

Jailed in FreeBSD

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Well, working on freeBSD right now some immediate learnings for most linux users Ports is as good as apt-get [and i would say much better, when i started installing stuff] You will need to start with installing vim and bash to make your life a lot easier So the target was to install python and […]