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Social media primer for politicians

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It has been something that has been going on in my head for a significant amount of time and I believe that it is the right time for politicians and famous individuals to take their online reputation management as seriously as the offline one. Here, i will outline a very basic strategy that i believe […]

Delhi airport : good infrastructure, bad people

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On the 15th, I landed at the new IGI terminal from Hyderabad at about 12.10. Hyderabad was a good experience, but most importantly i realized the most striking things about Delhi as soon as I landed. The Delhi IGI airport is truly international now (at least by the looks of it), swank restaurants, shops and […]

Green peace action : future actions

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Green peace taking on the various challenges we face in our country. — 1. Friday, July 17, 2009, 10 am onwards, RBI Why To highlight the fact that irregular monsoons which can make life hell for mankind, acute water, power and agrarian crisis are few of many impacts that climate change can have. What The […]

Hyderabad : heat relief – #hyderabad

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Today, i reached Hyderabad on a one day stay (well, i am out by tomorrow evening). The weather here is so f**king awesome that it had to be documented. For the last one week, I have been trying to locate cities where I can live without getting a heat stroke. Reaching Hyderabad today really made […]

IIT versus everyone

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“Life’s fair if you don’t compare” The basis of article is the above quote which has no known author. Yesterday, i was sitting with my friends and i was the only IITian sitting there. When these guys started talking about their university life, well I started to realize that the golden years of fun for […]