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Start of phase 2

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Wierd title for a blog post πŸ™‚ , but its truly the start of the second phase in my rather short career. This week I have decided to move on from , to some other stuff. Lately I have started realizing how badly i needed to give time to my own ideas (and there are lots of them), with such short product life spans on the internet and the boom taking place interms of web valuations how can I possibly miss out on trying……

The internet is an awesome place to learn and create new things, to this end i must give a lot of credit to the last 8 months at where the team has done some pretty interesting stuff.Β  The systems team rocks, even if its pushed beyond its capacity ….. A big thanks is in order to my team mates (in random order)

(*) these guys left slideshare coupla months back

Had a lot of fun, should not have missed out on the trips πŸ™ …. I am missing in nearly all the group photographs ….. time to photoshop some of the kodak moments he he. A big thanks to Amit Ranjan and the management team for giving me an opportunity to work with one of the best teams ever …. May the slideshare alexa rank keep on rising


Frequency of blogging will resume , as i just figured the problem of my upload speed was because of the MTU size (it needed to be 1492 on the WiFi router not 1500) …..Β  3 cheers to thatΒ  (AIRTEL BROADBAND)


  • @lalit

    I need all the luck for phase 2, hopefully i have become wiser πŸ˜› … and yes still working on the expertise πŸ™‚


    Hey man …. always in touch ….. phone email IM … nething ….

  • hey dude…. it was a pleasure working with u, really got to learn a lot!! u really kept me on my toes(or tried to :P) i wish the fun to continue for u in all ur future endeavors!

  • @ saurabh

    Aap to god ho sirji , and yes mein fite hi maarta reh gaya …. i do hope u achieve what u r working towards and we do some more systems together later sometime πŸ˜›

  • ‘ll Miss ya dude… a lot

    Its rare i come across people who keep their thinking caps all the time…. you are certainly near the top of the list….

    I know you are gonna set new standards, where ever you’ll go and what ever you’ll do,so not wishing you luck.

    Keep rocking!


    PS – I could not share anything regarding the business idea with you, when you were here… Now that I have one, you are leaving.

  • @mohit

    thank you …. thank you …. actually feels good to have all the guys chatting here …
    Hopefully hopefully i will set some standards ….. that is my dream after all …. πŸ˜€

    Will rock rock n keep rockin

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