So been playing around for sometime now, and now officially running my own virtual machines. Not using any of the interfaces available and still having a lot of fun to be honest.

I recently encountered the Citrix XenCenter in production and am convinced it is the right move to use commandline only, though it is not for the windows administrators ;) [atleast the ones who do not know what is the powershell]. This setup in discussion was actually in my opinion not giving enough feedback to the system administrators who were consequently not using it optimally. To my knowledge they did not use a single system hook in the system to either auto-scale or for that matter do throttling to prevent any incidents from scaling further.

All in all, I have been running the Xen system rather successfully for over an year and would of course recommend it to everyone.

On another note, should make a note to myself that the Amazon default AMIs even if based on RH/Fedora are pretty nicely tuned up. Should use them properly going forward!

Feel free to connect for any questions on xencenter, Amazon, Xen and so on ….