I think that a lot of people think that its easy to start a web startup and get funding, well part of that is true. Yes, the barrier to start something on the web is extremely low, but lately with the recession getting money for the same is way more difficult than before. So if you are hooked into the web business, here are some simple tips to get through these difficult times. Conserve cash - Guess it applies to everyone right now. Optimize for survivability and not being investor friendly. You will need the money later. Plan growth - If you are a consumer internet site without any business model (read revenue), control your growth. Optimize for server costs. Cut on features - Focus on current platform , make sure you implement absolutely necessary things. Spend time analyzing on why you need it Remove dead features - Gain some more resources, remove features which are not being used or not exposed. Most platforms tend to load up a lot in memory, free it for better things / traffic. Know when to quit - Sounds stupid, but you should know when to call it quits. There is always a point of diminishing returns. Sit down figure it out and make sure you know your limits.

These are things that I am learning at kwippy, this list more or less encapsulates what is need to run a lean and mean operation. I believe that lower entry barriers does not teach most of us young businessmen the “baniya” ways. Its time to learn that oceans are made of smaller drops of water :), If you have anything more to add to this list, feel free to throw in a comment. Do forgive me for the naive techincal look at it.