Well, I was thinking today the whole world is suddenly all about touch screens ! Just like all other devices, I am sure it has some effect on humans. I started doing some research as to the published papers on this topic, turns out that there are none. So here is my take on what can be the potential issues with touchscreens ergonomic issues, it can lead to issues with your finger with longer term use of such devices. I wonder what solutions will people come up to solve this, he he. You can potentially loose your sensation on your finger tips, due to excessive usage. This is more to do with nerve endings than anything else . There is a good chance that over time your fingers will become weaker, as unlike before they do not have to perform physical tougher activity.

Well, given more time I could have freaked whoever is reading this out more ! Well, point is this … anything that makes us less social or utilizes our body parts in excess [than we were originally designed for] usually ends up being harmful for us. I am not too sure these new devices are making us a new social creature ?  We shall see what precipitates over the next decade. It should be one touchy ride !