There were a lot of important events in 2008, which can be defined as good or bad. Here is a list from what i remember of the year gone by. Mumbai attacks - India hardens as a state, we have a new look in our diplomacy. We want action and not reactions from our under-performing politicians. J&K elections - Another great event for our democracy. Finally, a new young CM who can make a difference if he chooses to. All the luck to Omar Abdullah so that he can fulfill his potential. Delhi blasts - Was close to where it all happened, was terrible. Not much happened after that and people got on with their lives after that. Kwippy - At a personal level, I started kwippy with Mayank and Kaa. It has been an awesome experience to work with them @ kwippy. Multiplex movies - Movies like Dasvidinya are lowering the barrier for movie makers. The releases of the small budget movies mark the end of the multi crore movies binge bollywood was on. Recession - A well covered event which as usual affected all the working classes. The rich held their money back, growth goes for a toss. Barak Obama - Wanted him to win, feels right. Hopefully he will deliver for the world and not necessarily US. Google Chrome - Yet another MS type move from google. Paying 100mil$ to mozilla foundation and then releasing its own browser. NOT COOL. Windows 7 Beta - This might just save microsoft. Fast , usable and hopefully safer. Looking forward to the actual release. Nuclear deal - cheaper and more power to the Indian masses. This may fuel more growth at some cost to our environment. Hopefully we get our thorium based reactors working, would remove uranium dependence going forward.

Phew, finally got the complete list going. Fear seems to be integrated in the list through the various bomb blasts. There is hope in new leaders and better software :). Lets see how 2009 works out for everyone. Happy new year to everyone.