Today young India is back with a bang, be it politics or cricket. Earlier today the Congress (the majority party in the ruling coalition) announced some young changes to the cabinet and their party positions. Leaders like Rahul Gandhi and Priya Dutt, have been given big-time responsibility, I am sure they will deliver and take our nation to greater heights. Congress i must add is here to stay.

And how can we forget the ICC Twenty20 world cup, India played 4 pressure matches to take the cup. First it was England (Yuvraj was the star) , South Africa (Rohit was the star), Australia (Yuvraj played well) and Pakistan (The whole team was awesome). The best part was that we did not have the highest wicket taking bowlers, highest run scorers … and yet we have the world cup. The fielding was awesome, Robin Singh has instilled the same discipline he had as a fielder in this young team. Venkatesh Prasad has brought the MRF bowling academy discipline into our killer seamers. The whole team is coming across as a great package.

I must thank this Indian team for getting back that faith in cricket for me. Move over Formula one, cricket is back with a bang. If we play like this, win or lose … i will god damn watch every match we play. It felt so good to see us fight, something that Ganguly had as a captain , and Dhoni has made me believe in US once again.

HIP HIP HORRAY … all the money .. all the fame … but it was about the cricket that we played. Special mention to misba-ul-haq for putting up a great fight, Pakistan has an awesome team. May the sub-continent tigers (read SL, India, Pakistan,Bangladesh) move ahead and play good cricket ….

YOUNG INDIA …… 3 cheers to us …….