So i watched this interesting hindi movie today Karthik calling karthik, which should also be be called the watered down Indian version of the cult book & movie ‘Fight club’. [Stop here if you don’t want to know what the movie is]

Unlike say fight club where i would say that the plot was beyond most of us ! This movie tries to explain itself too much and loses out on what could have been too easily. For example, the guilt complex that karthik discusses with his shrink is too little a preview into the past, it either shows a complete lack of seriousness on the shrink’s end [or on the writer/editor’s end]. What must be explained is how does he manage to sustain such high performance consistently and seem to hit a wall in his psyche with this particular model of phone !

Now let me explain why i think it was technology driven, it seems they wanted to describe that the sub-conscious communicates with “us” in many ways. We all deal with that little voice in our heads, what happens when that little voice takes control over your body. I am assuming that is what was being portrayed here, the phone phobia was unnecessary and gave the impression that the triggering was related to this particular object, which clearly wasn’t true as I can’t imagine them screaming at the sight of a free sim card whilst walking through a technology shop.

Why did he still watch TV? or for that matter deal with other people. Assuming that his alter ego could take full body control, other actions could have been committed at various points of time.

That was a brain dump, i think it was a 7 out of 10. One of the many “help those souls” movie, with some suspense thrown in. I do see MPD as something that a lot of people suffer from [or maybe just happily live with] , but not fully understood within the paradigm we live in today.