Must ask ! Are you “technically randy" ?

I definitely am :), i just figured out that i must come out in the open for a change [as if the blog name is not a good indicator]. I love technology and apply it anywhere and everywhere there is an opportunity. Though this obviously has its pitfalls, well being randy has its pitfalls. Lets see some of the obvious ones [feel free to comment and fill in the non-obvious ones] Depending on what makes your day, you will end up spending up more time than the average joe on simple things ! I would call it the law of diminishing efficiency of the technically randy. Your boss for one will call you as the office hero, but your co-workers will call you the office pain in the arse. Get ready to be abused and bitched about ! Mines and deep bore wells are your friends ! I mean it in the dual way, you will fall deep into pits of darkness only to emerge with solutions that could have been searched or massaged out of our friendly neighborhood search engines. You will want a pet ! Or let me rephrase it, you need a pet. Its not a reflection of anything negative, its and overt exploitation of man’s best friend after all. All the time spent in technology, will proportionally reflect in the relationship randiness … you my friend need error correction

Now that was a lot of fun ! Point is can the social and the nerd exist …. I think it can exist [well, no harm in trying], hopefully my nerd side will post something technically relevant. Until next time.