Second in the series of stories based on photos. kaa and supreet have also added their stories on their blogs.

This was yet another trip for Dan to Delhi … the huge capital of India, it was all looking good. Camera in hand, some crisp dollars in his pocket-this was a great place to be in. Sophistication was in the air, atleast when he was visiting the forts and monuments around … eveyone spoke in accented English. Even the beggar boys were very nice, they would always quench his “want of boy”… yes that’s all he needed to say when he was around in those shady monuments.

This time around he was yet again covering some religious strife in secular India, but then he felt the urge… the need, the want … he turns and finds this kid smiling at him …. the want … he could see the people inside reading their namaaz. All he needed was to exploit that smile for his needs ………..