Another picture story by my gurl, Maitrayee

It was a beautiful summer’s day and the ocean was placid…just right for a lazy day on the beach. Tsanto and her surfer friends were disappointed as the sea dozed and occasionally snorted. Teenage hormones and tame activities don’t go together! So they clowned around…made a couple of human pyramids on the sand and tossed the ball around from one towering team to the other. They certainly were creative where the author cannot always be! The midday sun blazed its brightest and they were just about to head out for a swim when they heard a shout. A hand glider above them was steadily losing altitude and a boy was desperately trying to get it to land on the beach. It seemed unlikely as the glider was still too high…the boy’s frantic cry floated out over the ocean…I can’t swim…I can’t….Tsanto and Joakim hastily made plans…why not take the pyramid out to the sea…and pluck him out of mid-air!! Brilliant but risky. The current a little further out was strong and they had to catch him at the right time. The boys formed the pyramid, balancing on the slimy ocean floor…some of the girls floated a little further off just in case. Well, the boy caught on, let go of the glider and Kenzy just managed to grab his arms…the glider floated on serenely…its shadow soft on the water before it crashed into it.