My friend Supreet started this meme of writing a story based on this picture. He had given me 100 words. I have taken my artistic license a lil far beyond. And I am writing it as a parable. More posts from supreet and kaa

Once upon a time in a land far far away existed a magical creature called meme, it had wings it could fly and all the jazz. But but there was a problem, he was the only one of its kind to have survived one of the many ice ages on its planet … turns out the only way he could ensure his potential survival was to exist as a small bug or a bacterium in other animals stomach.

It was a compromise as he was one fierce individual who would burn up all the living things around himself by spitting fire … but life has to go on … meme still survives in all of us today. Take for example the story of janet and her so called boy-friend Bob …ohh they so love each other … but then on Friday the 13th stirkes MEME …. ouch

Janet was taking in the beer like a bear … and yes, it was a bad idea … she vomited out all her food. But MEME inside was not satisfied, he wanted more more … Bob managed to incite her and she took some of her vomit and threw it at him (thus infecting him wit meme for the rest of his life) Shocked Bob took to reading xkcd , phdcomics and decided to his PhD thus continuing meme’s legacy.