Lately i have been in the market, and trying to understand how it all works. After reading some decent books about how to play the game, i have finally entered it wit a testing capital of about 10000 rps (~$250). Till now i have got back 4000 rps ($100) on the initial inverstment. But till now the ride has not be all smooth actually, getting one of these online buying / selling interfaces is definitely a hassle. I have tried out 3 different vendors

  1. Reliance money
  2. HDFC securities
  3. IndiaBulls (Waiting for the welcome kit) I have been unable to perform intra-day trading on any of these, and IndiaBulls looks the the best of them by far. To be dead honest Reliance has not delivered and i plan to shift all my stock into the IndiaBulls account. The worst has been HDFC, it takes 3 days for any transaction to get through, which is unbelievable.

All in all, the Sensex / Nifty is on a high and it doesnt look like it is going to slow down any soon. One way or the other it is a learning experience of the highest order. Tips : I was trying to buy Idea cellular, the net interface crashed on me … looks like a good buy