Stimulating Innovation, Resource & Entreprise (STIR-e) is a Not-for-Profit Organization, which aims to promote social entrepreneurship and inspire entrepreneurial minds to bring economic transformation and measurable social impact by integrating innovation with pattern-breaking ideas and focused mentoring. STIR-e aims to become a niche strategic advisory for social enterprises that create innovative, market based solutions to poverty, environment and sustainable development. STIR-e integrates the challenges of access to appropriate resources, investments and investment risk mitigation with a robust social entrepreneurship model adaptable to multiple texts and sub-texts of the market economy.

STIR-e seeks to build unique opportunities for the market, environment and social agendas to come together and address concerns of poverty, livelihood and balanced development processes. Our aim is creation of horizontal, community based markets appropriately suited for the multi-bottom line focus of social enterprises. STIR-e plans to raise and deploy a Youth Social Venture Fund aimed at establishing a culture of entrepreneurial solutions to social challenges amongst the youth. We seek to motivate/ equip institutions with appropriate strategic planning & implementation knowledge and skills to bring about a holistic change.

STIR-e holds a deep commitment to the creation of a new, informed, and passionate world of investing that strategically moves more capital to social good.

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