So today marks the beginning of a new blog here . This will be a blog dedicated to my financial ambitions on and off the internet. The content of this blog will be completely non-technical and will look at what drives most people in my honest view ($$$). In an effort to improve my rather sad looking blog, i have gone for a looks upgrade. The following changes have been made : After looking at techcruch’s 900px+ width, i have decided to increase the width of both the blogs for maximum space utilization. The right content bar with two sidebars for ads, widgets , etc. has really caught my attention and i have modded my wordpress blog acordingly. I have registered on some ad networks to see if they deliver on what they state. Adsense it seems hates my blog :P, wont let me register. Widgets will play a useful role going forward, so the space will be useful, would love to have a small social networking widget on my blog. Hopefully i can get sometime to implement something like that. I checked out a very cool list widget on widgetbox , it looks very impressive.

Some of the ad networks i registered for are : Textads Amazon Yahoo Beta (yet to get an invite actually) Connection junction

More as i learn about the blogging world … see you on the other “blog”