One wonders what happened to the stories we used to hear about space wars and “Star wars” and so on. Recently, the IAF retired its only super high altitude flying machines capable of shooting down lower orbit spy satellites ! Are we all coming to a close end with respect to space warfare. I think that the paradigm has shifted drastically, and some research into new age technologies [plus, geo-political and financial dynamics]. We are all talking about network centric warfare ! The idea has been around for sometime, but it is still under-developed in my opinion. It takes very little to blow out all communications within a fairly large region. I did some research on how EMP weapons work, and turns out that a fairly small nuclear device detonated high up in the atmosphere acts as one ! Some interesting articles on Wikipedia, I must add. Spy satellites are becoming more common place, with much cheaper launch vehicles the developed nation edge has disappeared. Technologies like google earth have truly erased the notion of privacy when it comes to maps ! It is similar to the development of Radar, and subsequently becoming commonplace technology. Missile shields are becoming more redundant with MIRV missiles, there is no way you can defend against stuff like that ! Unless, of course you get the missile killing laser beams. That too has become common place knowledge with DRDO working hard on the KALI series of miniaturized powerful lasers.

Points is that we are at a point in our history when the sci-fi of the last 20 years is pretty commonplace tech. I wonder what is cooking for the next generation of weapons, probably something that I cannot comprehend or imagine !