PMWiki is this really cool wiki platform, which is used all over the internet for all kinds of collaborative purposes. Today, we at slideshare have put out a “recipe” which allows you to easily embed a presentation in PMWiki

The download link for the recipe is here

You can just unzip and put the contents of this file into the cookbook/ directory of PMWiki. Then you can use the following tag to embed a slideshow

(:slideshare {presentation id}:)

Where the {presentation id} is the part of the slideshow URL after For example:

will have the following embed code

(:slideshare nmenap/machu-picchu-77777:)

So it is that simple ehh…. So go ahead embed as many slideshows as you want ….

After 640-802, you can only go on to 350-030. Only then you will qualify for 350-018 or 310-200.