Been watching skins for quite some time and i must admit that this current season is a let down from before ! Even the fat segal’s inital tune is all mumbled up, not that cool anymore. Some very easy reasons as to why this is not working for me Most of the episodes are very very disconnected, the notion of time that was so seamless in the earlier 3 seasons is completely missing. The connection are far too arbitrary and clearly lack writer focus most times. The editing is way worse than ever, once you think about it it is clear to me that they want certain aspects like the complete dysfunctional nature of the characters to be the central focus rather than the moments when they actually figure things out ! I think they will lose out on a significant chunk of the viewers with this dark look [and yes, at some points it beats Dexter{the serial killer} ] There is no one like Tony, or for that matter Chris .. nobody has stepped up in Season 3 & 4. I was surprised that Freddie was also considered for Tony’s role ! He is no where close in terms of acting or screen presence. The women in the current season are again not there as well ! I have to admit that they seem to cater more to attracting a certain male demographics, than actually have a story line.

I guess enough criticism, Skins has been a refreshing watch. I will of course watch it complete this season. I doubt that i will watch it the next.

Keep watching and if you have never watched it … then start with season 1.