To be honest, I am a very conspiracy theory kind of a guy. Always believe things after i can validate certain things personally, that invariably leads to me getting too involved (call it the observer effect). But then again there are certain things that are much bigger than me which i believe are absolute frauds, i will state some of the most obvious ones. Humans landing on the moon (yeah right, NASA is struggling now … wonder why they need to design what already works) NGOs are for the greater good (from what i hear they are only for their own good, time we stopped using the tax payers money for them) Net neutrality (impossible, DNS servers still in the USA … the point is lost on me as to how is it fair, internet as we know is still very much controlled by americans) United Nations / World Bank are global organizations (now that is just BS, if we see the UN with its veto powers …. its useless. World bank apparently is another story all together)

Those were some of the more objective visible things what i feel are not working or working for the benefit if very few. To fix all this will require a lot of work from all quarters of the Earth (especially the super rich developed nations who just messed up their gambling business … read investment banks). Anyways more capitalistic world views on the other side.