Just watched Road the movie at PVR priya ! For one i am a fan of weekday movie watching … Much better the crowd is less and i can hear everything real loud and clear.

It turns out that this movie with all its “starbucks” lines is clearly meant to be an art movie of the US and European audiences. It is highly improbable that a kid in middle of Rajisthan is talking about this particular brand and over it actually moves on that easily from his current dhaba employer. Lets assume this never happened ! it gets way worse with the water dacoits, the whole oil sequence takes the absurdity to another level.

Enough of criticism, i am sure it was a fun movie to make. More than anything it is clear that all the actors were under utilized. There were no boundaries [except for the depiction of thirst] pushed within whatever topics the movie choose to discuss. It was a whole lot of new things skimmed at the surface, which i guess was the whole purpose of a road trip.

The lack of commitment was visible not only in the areas it delved into, but also in how Abhay Deol’s character reacts to various situations. Even the end was less than satisfactory. Phew, i still cannot stop criticizing it …

Maybe .. just maybe i liked it a lot ! It really thought that it was going into new areas where hindi cinema fears to tread. I loved the scenic salt desert … it reminds me of how little of the country i have seen. It may be a great learning of what India has to offer for the many native directors who dream of shooting SRK in the swiss alps. Utah salt desert !!! We can do better with our own Rann of Kutch ….

Would recommend this movie if you want to know what Indian cinema can be at times. Just a notch above than the whole lot of bull shit that we put up with [& very happily too]. A 7.5 out of 10.