The qualifying today has opened up the Grid completely, with the Ferraris and McLaren way behind this race of attrition will bring together the magic of what weather can do to the best of teams [and plans]. If you followed the qualifying today [12.30 IST] it was clear that something fun was going to happen. Some crucial things that are becoming a regular Good qualifying performance from Kubica and Sutil. These guys seem to have mastered qualifying in a mid-field car and seem to do it consistently. Kubica is a top guy and his partnership with Renault may just be the right one. Sutil has been good on the single laps but needs to get started in a race and score some points. Over confidence in the Ferrari and McLaren camps, these guys really seem to think that the racing is for them and not them for racing. The attitude is one of arrogance and this particular session displayed that not all variables are known ! I would want such situations to arise more often than not. Lotus being the top of the new guys, so the lesson learned is simple. Focus on reliability before looking for speed, something which Newey would agree with. The car seems to be a solid base and expect them to be mid runners later in the season, and next year. Much like Force India, if they did decide to shift their engine supplier they may actually accelerate the process. Cosworth has the power to deliver ! Williams seems to have a great working relationship with Cosworth and seem to getting more out of the engine than anyone else. Expect Barichello to actually score tomorrow, i am confident that he will.

This is going to be a good race ! and I for one will see it, I think the red flags will be out during the half way mark …. one never knows. A lotus win !