I am starting from nothing, very little tweeting @dipankarsarkar , and hardly any blog posts here. So 1st December is an attempt at reviving my non-existent web presence. So what keeps me so busy from even writing a simple blog post, i will try to summarize that over the next points Sometime a year back i realized that family was important :), so yes i definitely spend a lot more time with my family. It has been a really good thing for me personally. Lots of things have worked out which will be crucial going forward. Last year, i was working at mpower mobile working with some of India’s best python coders (Sirtaj and Supreet) which really has made me realize the what i was missing out on before. The existence of FOSS.IN was not known to me before that, an honest admission. Guess, Delhi (especially IIT) did not have the culture where i could get exposed to such things back then. Spent some more time figuring out what i wanted to learn technically. Kwippy was a great experience, that would be another 5 blog posts of ranting to get it out of my system. Right now, its kind of fallen off the grid and the void really hurts. It will be back, but still resolving my personal issues with what i really want to do next as an entrepreneur. Huge learning’s out of it in project management & team building. Started working on new things in the mean while looking at Social enterprises through STIR-e and Social media through Electrosocial, they really had me working and learning things that i am sure books cannot teach. The details of running an organization can get completely sidelined when one is thinking about the potential of the idea at hand, it is a major impedance towards learning more. Internet in India is growing but not at a pace where we can talk about scaling and crazy architecture. Mobile in India is however another story all together, the problems that they face are truly challenging in scale and complexity. So in a lot of ways, i am looking at mobile as the key vertical to work in technically. Right now, i am looking for an internet or mobile opportunity in New Delhi. So that is the next immediate challenge at hand.

Question is why so many things, the answer is fairly simple i guess. There is so much to do and learn, as long as time and resources can be managed. Of course, in due time one must push concepts that survive the test of time and have the potential to win and make it big.