One frustrating movie after the other, Bollywood intends to kill me ! The flavor of the season seems to be satires, especially political ones. After watching some mythology based stuff in Rajneeti, one has to deal with this other end of the spectrum. Its all good, and giving valuable exposure to the plight of our fellow citizens, the actual drivers of our still agrarian driven economy. What is disappointing is that it shows what exists, but not how to go about resolving it. Again, let me put it in context of what is around us. We all know and understand the following Our media is as impartial or partial as world media. The highlight was Barkha Dutt in kargil for me, and ever since its been on a downward irresponsible slide. I cannot bear to watch news channels anymore, they don’t seem to inform but an attempt at some lame means of brain-washing. We all feel bad for the farmers, well what difference does it make to the farmer or the daily wage laborer. He does not want our sympathy, he wants his children not to do what he is doing ! So in principle, they do what they do because of lack of opportunity. Unless the day comes when a farmer wants his children to farm, every policy intended at agriculture will fail. Hysteria, and more hysteria. That seems to be the default mode for our administrators and politicians. Use inflation, terrorism or something to justify lack of growth, government performance. We just do not seem to snap out of it as a country at large. Its about the people, and from what I see around me … we are the last in the queue.

Good movie, wished they would push the solutions and not the questions. Movies can be used to show an alternate reality, just like cartoons like jetsons push a certain future agenda ! It all may mean nothing, but it all counts as potential solutions and a common vision of the future.