Hmmm, unlike what most people have to say I have started to feel that Indians working in “outsourced” development teams are getting a real bad deal. In my recent experience, i have felt that in spite of all the big talk on how India has become costlier blah blah …. its my firm belief that there is very good quality of work being done here ….

So quality development work on cutting edge platforms is still termed as outsourcing, that was a rude shock to a guy like me :). I have seen some great stuff coming out, the only point is that few people realize that the work is being done by Indians ….. maybe when that changes we will be a better appreciated lot …. I was talking to some person who made me understand that nobody had any idea about what the team had contributed to, and how my bosses have done a great job …. I was really perplexed, but then the realization dawned upon me that conceptualization / abstract talk is way higher up the value chain (i think thats all bull crap … but then again i am an engineer he he) …..

To be honest, some of the implementation details were awesomely creative …. and a lot of thought went behind them. Slideshare has been built in India, not implemented …. even if we all don’t know of the names behind them that is something the world should know about.