I would recommend the following books for all into strategy and value creation. The list of course is bloody subjective and intends to put across my perspective Entrepreneur journeys by Sramana mitra - Its a good book, though a bit out-dated in the context of the fast paced internet market [its 2007 writing]. The interviews were exceptional and there were numbers which really gives someone like me something to objectively thinking about. Art of War - Classic and one has to read it, analyse it to get where modern capitalism has roots in [assuming that all major thought processes all over seem to germinate at the same time]. The tactical analysis and understanding is clearly superior than any text of that time. In comaprison, Arthashastra and Laws of Manu are focused on the ground [number of elephants, governance hierarchy] while this is a philosophy text. The Prince - Highly rate it for its objectivity ! Caesar Borgia is an influence … so it is very honest about power and its dynamics. One must understand that its a beast which needs to be mastered and understood. Another classic written by someone who walked the talk.

Well these were some reads that i found to be enlightening and i am sure a lot of other unaware souls would benefit from them. Next planning to start on a book about the history of hindus … that should clear out whatever doubts I had about my passport religion.