Its been a really long 24 hours, I have been following it all on TV or the internet (twitter to be specific). In this process I have see yet another intelligence lapse where probably 200+ people will lose their life on the final count and this will create a dent in our national image. England conveniently goes back home after not even coming close to winning their matches in cricket, a whole host of articles being published about how India will lose its “terror free” south Asia image, and finally how it affects the Delhi elections coming up.

I was watching this show where a famous personality was talking about creating a SAS like force to defend ourselves against terrorists, though he made some valid point about crisis handling we should be clear that our SAS is the NSG. They are the true super commando force chosen out of the best young men in our army, they are provided with the best equipment (Isreali tavors n stuff) in addition to tactial training. This force was created in the aftermath of Operation bluestar, 1984 and has served in a lot of secret missions in addition to the known ones (Akshardham temple 2002). So please guys, be careful when we comment about our army and commandos, they are among the best (American army come and train in Mizoram,India for urban/forest warfare).

Mumbai has taken it and over time will probably absorb the losses like we have been doing after every crisis. But this should tell us that it is time to take control of who rules and how they rules us. Our politicians have been letting us down too often, and do not seem to have the willingness to change our corrupt/opaque system. Lets vote and also get other people to make a choice which does not compromise our national security and pride.