After the tragic terrorist attacks in Mumbai, we see all the political parties starting their games. Lets have a closer look at what they said and where they went wrong.

Manmohan Singh - A speech which lacked character, though it did not lack the objectivity. In a time of crisis when this was televised what we needed was a stong speech, not this verbal powerpoint. If i had to rate this, it would get a 5 out of 10.(should be fired)

RR Patil - Well he will always be known for calling this a minor event. Was he even thinking when he said this, to rate this is difficult … he gets a -5 out of 10.(got fired)

Shivraj Patil - I was watching his press statement 2 on 26th night, and in all honestly where are the real leaders. It was a weak and non-assuring response on his end. He gets a 2 out of 10.(got fired)

V S Achuthanandan - dogs and politicians, they are some how related. Why would you state “If it had not been (Major) Sandeep’s house, not even a dog would have glanced that way.” on national media even after understanding the pain Major Sandeep’s father is in, Insensitive and must be voted out pretty soon. For this he pretty much beats the Thackeray family (needs to be fired asap)

Thackeray family - Where are you guys ? Are they among the casulties ? They have dissapeared and I do wish they are gone forever. The quality of their politics borders the unethical and its good that they actually know how to keep quiet. Due to lack of any articles i cannot rate them at all, if i could i would give them -infinity out of 10. (should be fired from active politics)

Rest of the lot - They bordered from average to inadequate, I really wished that the young guns of Indian politics would show some balls. But then wishes are for people, implementation are for people with power :). Notable missing would be Rahul Gandhi, Omar Abdullah, Sachin Pilot, ….

What these guys need is to introduce more educated people in the mix and create some real value as parties. We need better press conferences (yes, critical) and good orators as leaders. I think the mic and z-class security has allowed the politicians to stay away from the masses for too long, time they talked to us man 2 man.