Today i participated in ILUG-Delhi’s workshop, it was interesting to the end that i figured out how important it is to break down information into chewy bits.  I was supposed to give a presentation on  “building social networking applications using python”, i made the wrong assumption about the people present there.

But then one has to learn the hard way to do better the next time. I do look forward to taking part in more such events, ILUG-Delhi does require some more technical talks though tad bit more basic to start off with. For more information about ILUG Delhi hit

Its quite a quiet community right now, hopefully it can grow in the future to challenge the bengaluru group :P … jokes apart … Indian Open Source needs a lot more work, the current state is too individualistic (i can be easily accused of being one here). People should not be required to know / be chacha,bhatija to take part in such events in my view, the community feeling is missing i feel. Thats the only reason OSS has not taken off exponentially in India, the formation of an elite brahminical class it seems was inevitable like any other of our systems. It seems they are unable recruit the right kind of foot soldiers to carry on the torch into the bright bright Indian future …..