“Life’s fair if you don’t compare”

The basis of article is the above quote which has no known author. Yesterday, i was sitting with my friends and i was the only IITian sitting there. When these guys started talking about their university life, well I started to realize that the golden years of fun for them were the toughest years for me and my batch. To start this all out, lets go back to the end of 12th and then college life.

Most of the other university kids start their life in college looking out for opportunities to explore life and have fun, the consequences are very much secondary. But in IIT, to tell you the honest truth there is a lot at stake if you mess it up. Take for example attendance … IITs are very very strict (at least my dept. was) compared to Delhi University or for that matter any other. A lot of people have had a DISCO (disciplinary committee) sitting on them for reasons that could be argued as trivial / juvenile mistakes. Basically, fun is not something for the light hearted in our premier institutes.

Now why am i writing about this :D … the point i want to make is that the 4 years of slogging results in a conception of the world which is extremely utilitarian and to some extent makes you a cynic. Well, we all come out relatively rich in the process, but i do think in an evolving economy like ours making money is not as impossible as it used to be. I am trying here not to be a cynic :P and have fun writing this stuff … IIT has taught me a lot about people , thinking, and life in general, but maybe just maybe i missed out on all the fun my friends were having. As they say time is money, and i guess most IITians have it built in when they go into the battlefield of life.

I had to compare … even if it is an apple / oranges comparison … feel free to flame me :D.