Well, my name is Dipankar Sarkar. And Sarkar is hindi for goverment … so one my friends (specifically Varun Gulshan) would keep calling me that which to be honest is a fantastic nickname ;). Jokes apart, I guess i am a bit frustrated with how things work around me. As an individual who says “chop, chop” as he is in a perennial hurry, it kills me to see how things work. Lets analyze this scenario properly, so India as a nation is used to the so called “Hindu growth rate” (3-4% of GDP) for a very long time. The problem with such growth is that it goes no where neither can you be called a problem or something great, as of today we have started growing post-liberalization (7-8%). But the problem of slow growth withing our working populace still persists.

We can take the latest Singur example as one case where its clear that we have not made the jump from socialist to capitalist even if our intentions as a nation is very clear (Capitalist that is). To be firmly capitalist would require a complete revision of how we Indians view our ego, as it is never personal when it comes to business (well there are exceptions as usual). What we require more than the 10% growth is that we need a revision or social change which makes us capable of understanding our position in the global village. Are we inferior ? i doubt that. Do we lack resources ? i doubt that too. We should start utilizing the power we have worked so hard to gain, if we do not hold our heads high then all of this growth is not worth it.

This fundamental change has to come from the goverment and the way we do our foreign policy, we need to be stronger only then can we Indians hold our position in the Global village. Being a super power or for that matter any power requires a lot of diplomacy and good foreign policy, hope we make it to the next league. On that note … more ranting later :).