Well due to one of my best friends i have got rather addicted to GITS :) or “The ghost in the shell”, an awesome japanese anime series. There is a concept or rather a case of the laughing man, and the basis for that is a JD Salinger short story of the same name. I take this post to link up to that story, hope you all have a great week ahead. Soon the Laughing Man was regularly crossing the Chinese border into Paris, France, where he enjoyed flaunting his high but modest genius in the face of Marcel Dufarge, the internationally famous detective and witty consumptive. Dufarge and his daughter (an exquisite girl, though something of a transvestite) became the Laughing Man’s bitterest enemies. Time and again, they tried leading the Laughing Man up the garden path. For sheer sport, the Laughing Man usually went halfway with them, then vanished, often leaving no even faintly credible indication of his escape method. Just now and then he posted an incisive little farewell note in the Paris sewerage system, and it was delivered promptly to Dufarge’s boot. The Dufarges spent an enormous amount of time sloshing around in the Paris sewers. http://www.freeweb.hu/tchl/salinger/laughingman.html