Why one must ask is technology gendered ?

Are 1s and 0s, gendered !

Technology, if we look at only digital technology would count as one of crucial blocks of enabling all [of all colors, of all sizes] to take a pot shot at being successful [in various degrees]. It is hilarious to see how old school individuals who run our country want to empower every class by giving them subsidies [jobs, ration] and not fostering an environment where all can achieve self respect by working towards individual goals.

IT has proved to be an enabler, and a savior [much to the disappointment of politicians] for many families who could have never risen through the ranks of money & power. It is still interesting to see how corruption attempts to regulate the bits and bytes only to fail consistently. We lack IT laws and will continue to lack them, its very difficult to regulate things much beyond imagination of most [the paradigm shift for most politicians]. Our current finance minister cannot probably envision a Open source budget that may happen over the next 15 years, the shift has begun.

We started with gender, and of course i lost track he he … its important to see where it was all going. Bits and bytes are beyond gender ! remove physical strength from the equation [of technology] and the correlation is obvious. Software is maybe the only way of creating a genderless model of technology.