One of the first things that i wanted to implement in my university [~2006] was a operating system with only the Firefox browser as the core application. Turns out that is a popular reality now with the Chromebook and well to some extent the Firefox OS which is being released. I at that point had no idea that mobile would become that big, with the exposure that I had. Its all coming together!

The new Firefox OS is something that I was waiting for, and I believe a true iOS challenger. We should definitely keep in mind that Steve Jobs had seen the future and pushed for all iOS applications to be web applications in a mobile webkit browser [before the whole app store came about]. So we finally have Steve Job’s dream working out in style.

All the core applications[Dialers, Contact book, Messaging]  need to be web applications, unlike say in iOS which is such a partial approach. One must appreciate the ideas that iOS has introduced, and well android has copied religiously. However, it seems some others may take a lead soon. I look forward to making this work on the desktop as well.

Three cheers to the mozilla team for this achievement!!