Spent sometime working with both over the last month, created 2 ecommerce sites around these and here are some observations which may help people decide what works for them FeinCMS was a pain to get started with, i had to base it all on the default example as the documentation was not enough to get it all started from scratch. I was using the trunk as it has goodies [like a blog] which the stable did not have. DjangoCMS was much easier to deal with, in hind sight it made it very easy to play with blocks modify them. I was impressed with the amount of flexibility it offered to the developer. The admin is not as simple as something like Drupal but its simple enough to be used without documentation. To be honest, both had their strengths and weaknesses, their common weakness is the under-developed CMS community aroun Django. Hardly any modules to play with, setting up a blog is a pain [well i did it twice over in 2 different setups].

Do message me at [email protected] if you need to get started with any of these.