So i finally paid for playing a fantasy league, been following F1 news quite closely. Very excited about the new teams and their approaches to car design. Nick Wirth is a rockstar who will define CFD to be the game changer in F1 for sure. I am a big supporter of such changes which can potentially make F1 budgets much lesser and who know maybe we can have the entry of much smaller teams in the future. Innovation is potentially driven by a lack of resources most times, and it was high time we all used the excuse of recession to do stuff much better and efficiently.

So ESPN has this F1 fantasy league, which has an entry fee of 10 pounds, I started my team “nerdbase” and have created a private league called India [code: 724], please join it and we can start having some fun. This time my lineup is focused on the RB6 and FW32, I am excited with the speed and momentum that Red bull carries from the last season, Williams pace is refreshing and makes me think that Cosworth is not going to be a pushover in the engine department. Anyways, do join the league  and here is the link for the same.

Let the races being !!