So i just finished watching skins 04E07 and it was okay, me and Maitrayee were not looking forward to it as Skins to be honest has become super dark [beats dexter] and painful to watch. But surprise it was good and they threw in the google about Freddie at the end.

Effy Stonem is shown as a very dark character in this particular season, and with some help from her counselor has managed to get Freddie killed ! That pretty much sums up what happened in an exciting 48 minutes, it starts with the mental facility where Effy is at and this interesting treatment she gets which basically involves the removal of all traces of the past [so to say a complete character replacement]. I was under the impression that it was other things that had Effy all messed up, but turns out Season 3 accident of her brother Tony was the real cause of all the issues.

Cook comes out very positive and he has been like that for the last couple of episodes at least, it seems they want most of the characters in this rather short season  to end on a high [or death in Freddie’s case]. All in all, the last one is going to be interesting.