Well not a marketing post, I recently bought KAV or Kaspersky anti-virus for all the windows machines that I run. Lately it has become extremely bloated and well it brought all my machines down to their knees. The goal of running lean and mean, while giving me optimal online protection seems to be lost on them.

Being the engineer that I am, my response was to find out the leanest one around [for free]. Turns out Avast does a pretty decent job of staying out of my way and finding out about most of the common bugs around. One must admit, the cottage industry of Anti-virus makers must get a cut from Intel/Microsoft for building these beasts which run in the background consuming most of your memory.

So Avast it is for the rest of the house as well! That too the free version, until of course KAV fixes its bloat.

Get it here - http://www.avast.com/en-in/index