So for that last one week a major area of work has been queues and here are the various queues that i encountered memqueuedb - a speedy message queue based upon the memcached client protocol. The idea was to use it to cache certain objects in a system. JMS - Seems to be an integral part of my J2EE learning, this is what often defines performance in an application. Especially when good high speed JMS library implementation cost big money. Airport taxi queue - Now you get in line to get a coupon for a taxi (10 people ahead of you) and then you get on a line with 40 people ahead of you all waiting for taxis at My capital city airport. Awesome. (Did I just see a newspaper whack me on the head :P ) Python queue(or Queue) - The real star :) , it actually is well synchronised with locking and all. Quite a rock star data structure he he, must use one of these days for something.

That was the end of the queue rant. Forgiveness for having to bear that. Next on line is Bangalore, I regret carrying a camera as it is super picturesque. Though once i landed the really really dusty air got to me. So by day 2, I ended up with a fever. Sorry to Pallav, and the rest of my friends whom i could not catch up with.

Any how, the point is the first question I asked myself do I have H1n1 (aka swine flu). To make sure i did not, i have taken the pains to outline a checklist for symptoms for the same. fever cough sore throat body aches headache chills fatigue

Now I did not have 4,5,6 and 7, but just for precaution am going to the doctor and getting myself tested. The only way to stop this from becoming the “plague” of our generation, is that we all consciously take precautions (especially when you can afford to, which I believe most of my readers can).

It is 100% treatable (well, that is what they say) when diagonosis is early. Tamiflu is also going to be available at drug stores. Take care everyone.