Proto has been taking place for sometime, but Jan 2009 is my first attendance and it was worth the trip to Bangalore. I went in with some expectations and yes, they were fulfilled. The highlights of the event is given below. Awesome talks - There was one talk by Bob Young(founder of redhat) which was simply awesome. There were others as well which were informative and fun sessions. Great audience - People from all walks of professional life, met a lawyer, a HR guy, a finance guy and so on … with so much variety one can only choose to get bored of such company. Neat theme / tshirt - The paper plane theme was awesome and in one session where Kiruba got everyone to throw airplanes onto the podium was especially lots of fun. Techies - Special mention to Sheryas , Aswin , Moyeen , Vijay who made it clear to me that B’’lore + Chennai is still very much ahead on the super nerd density index. Clever engineers to hang out with is the least i can say about these guys. Startups - Last but not the least, a great bunch of startups were there promoting their stuff. It was cool to see some interesting revenue models and different ideas. Shotgun startup was one fun event to take part in :) (this deserves a complete post by itself).

All in all, I had a lot of fun. Thanks to Vijay and the proto team for making me a part of something awesome. Looking forward to making proto a bigger and better event going ahead.