So this post is devoted to my conception of a startup and the differences (or at least perceived ones) it has from a big firm. (Warning: These are very subjective differences) Startups are built for people who are ambitious and driven , thus this gives them the momentum going forward even if resources are scarce. From the above point it can be agreed easily that people who work at such places are to some extent different. Some will be motivated by money , some by thirst for knowledge etc etc. The critical aspect of all this is that like artists at work, most developers have their zen moments (or aha moment as vikas would say), i believe they need care and nurturing from their patrons (aka managers). Startups start with the vision of changing the world, and that feeling is necessary for exponential(to some extent non-human … non-linear ) growth pattern.

These differences are what make a startup a temple to learn and grow in as compared to big corporations where you cannot have the same effect as an individual. I think that now-a-days the term start-up is thrown around rather randomly … maybe there is a need for some certification on that end.