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I am starting from nothing, very little tweeting @dipankarsarkar , and hardly any blog posts here. So 1st December is an attempt at reviving my non-existent web presence. So what keeps me so busy from even writing a simple blog post, i will try to summarize that over the next points

Question is why so many things, the answer is fairly simple i guess. There is so much to do and learn, as long as time and resources can be managed. Of course, in due time one must push concepts that survive the test of time and have the potential to win and make it big.


  • Hey !
    Got bumped on your blog somehow. Interesting confessions and my gosh so many startups under your belt already.
    Heard about Qwippy, is it still up and running? Also heard about mosambe, whats up with it?

    My view – its true that – “in due time one must push concepts that survive the test of time” but i am not so sure whether one should move on so fast???


    PS: i dont know if you wud remember me or not, but we are from same batch IIT D and did those awful ME 110 design practical together :X

    Would like to catch up sometime. Let know of your interest.

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