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Payment gateways

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I have been doing some work lately on how one can take payments or pay the client in the easiest way possible. This leads me to doing some research on currently available gateways. Some of the contenders are:

1. Paypal – a decent service, but takes a lot of money for transferring money. Its ok ..

2. Google Checkout – I am gonna checkout what it has to offer, should have a great API like all the other google products.

3. CCAvenue Рit supports my  debit cards so i really like them. They can become the yodlee of the indian web companies (if they can get some kind of an API act together)

4. Amazon payment gateway – beta beta … need an invite to use it … flat payment looks good

More as i keep adding to this research :).


  • Few other gateway options are avilable now-a-days. Recently I have done some research work as our company urgently wanted payment gateway:

    ICICI (Payseal): They have one time fees of Rs.30000 & TDR 3.5%, annual charges are Rs.10000. Actually they dont have fixed pricing structure. They quote based on company.

    EBS: Good for start ups & mid-sector merchants. They have options for set up fees ranging from Rs.6000 to Rs.30000. They give opportunity to small merchants who are generally not considered by banks for their services.

    Bank PG: Their Annual charges are on higher side. Availing gateway through bank is as good as getting loan from them. Procedure may take 2 mnths to 6 mnths. Their integration kit does not support all platform which may bug you after heavy investment of time & money

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