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Mosambe for starters

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Mosambe is a one-stop shop to find the right jobs and the right talent. It is a platform for you to network with your colleagues, gain greater visibility and find new opportunities. For companies- setting up a branded account, posting a job and finding the right talent is simple, easy, effective and hassle free.

Mosambe( is the creation of Kaasu info ventures private limited, a small team based out of Hyderabad. It is by far the most social and nice looking professional networking site in India, and clearly has the potential to challenge the biggies in the India online job market. The coolest parts and in some ways the differentiators are

Mosambe clearly has a lot difference in terms of what it offers to the India job market (which seems to be stuck in the era and refuses to come out to web 2.0), only time will tell how this will pan out.

Feel free to email me at for an invite to this amazing service.


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